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Friends Jen Rossetti and Duree Westover were deep into their truth-seeking discussion of what would you do if, say, money was no barrier and you could design your dream career.  Aided by a few sensational glasses of Merlot and the hypnotic effects of Garden Valley’s fresh mountain air, they came up with the obvious answer!
Let’s provide the world homemade, high-quality alternatives to the traditionally-boring ice cream sandwich.  And that is how Sugar, Sugar Handcrafted Ice Cream Sammies were born.
Rossetti, a native Idahoan and genuine cuisine maven, has spent the last 15 years in Boise whipping up insanely decadent desserts and savory-rich meals for her Treasure Valley friends and catering clients.   Westover, also a Boiseian, has been there every step of the way, helping to balance the business side of these culinary things, creating exceptional customer service experiences.
It was a natural to parlay this food service experience into a venture where every Boiseian – and consumers anywhere on the planet - could have access to the unique Sugar Sugar Ice Cream Sammies.
Sugars Sugar Ice Cream Sammies are featured exclusively at the Check this out in Boise, May to October.  Distinct ice cream flavors and cookie pairings rotate weekly. Individual Sammies are available daily, or order online for Friday pickup!  Sugar Sugar Ice Cream Sammies add a new dimension to your baby shower, wedding, anniversary party, family gathering or reunion, birthday, or any occasion you want to indulge!  Ask us about our catering packages and shipping options!

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